Why is learning with an abacus a must? Why not just use a calculator?

Learning with an abacus is a must for every chid. An abacus is instrumental in developing the entire brain which will last a lifetime. Using an abacus requires coordination of sight, sound and finger movement which will lead to the growth of brain cells. Learning an abacus stimulates the development of the right brain, the creative side of the brain, and will have benefits for your child in the long run.

My child is not good at math so what should i expect?

Abacus training differs greatly from traditional mathematics and is an alternative way to learn.

Is it true that concentration skills are improved by learning the abacus?

Yes!!! Here is an example. When you work on addition and subtraction with ten 2-digit numbers, you have to move abacus beads approximately 30 times. If you make even one mistake, your answer will be incorrect.