An Overview of the Program

This course is designed for 5-9 year old children. I believe that this is the right age for your child to develop mental arithmetic skills. The course aims to train your child to use the left and right brain simultaneously, resulting in whole brain development. 

Program structure

 Classes are held in a game format, so the student does not have time to get bored or tired. Each class meets once a week and consists of 2-8 students. The students are matched together by the ability, knowledge and age to make the lessons more efficient. Math Magicians Academy offers after school and weekend math classes in downtown Woburn.


A basic understanding of numbers and the ability to write numbers from 0 to 20.

Course Material

The abacus itself and the worksheets containing math problems (updated weekly). 


If your child misses a class, it is usually possible to schedule a free make-up session. There is a limit of 2 free make-up sessions per level.

Skill Plans


Kindergarten Math

- Numbers and counting up to 20 and beyond 20

- Skip Counting

- Comparing

- Patterns

- AddingSubtracting up to 5/10

- Mixed Operations

- Number line

- Decompose number less than or equal to 20 into pair in all possible ways

- Addition and Subtraction word problems

- Fractions

- Probability

- Measurement

- Two-dimensional & three-dimensional shapes

First Grade Math

- Counting and number patterns

- Addition/Subtraction Skills Builders

- Mixed Operations

- Comparing

- Estimation

- Place Value

- Introduction to multiplication and division

- Addition and subtraction without regrouping

- Introduction to simple equations

- Fractions

- Two-dimensional & three-dimensional shapes

Second Grade Math

- Counting and number patterns (skip-counting)

- Addition and subtraction with regrouping 

- Place Value

- Multiplication and division

- Simple Equation

- Estimation and rounding

- Different types of word problems

- Order of operations

- Two-dimensional & three-dimensional sets

- Logic Problems

- Fractions

Third Grade

- Numbers and comparing

- Place Value

- Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication 

- Order of operation, including parentheses 

- Division with reminder

- Proper and improper fractions. Operations with fractions

- Equations and variables

- Negative Numbers

- Probability and Statistics

- Decimals

- Geometric Measurement  

- Sets. Union intersection and Venn diagrams

Fourth Grade

- Number Sense

- Addition/Subtraction & Multiplication/Division

- Mixed Operations

- Variable Expressions 

- Fractions

- Probability and Statistics

- Negative Numbers

- Decimals

- Geometry