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Math Magicians Academy


Our Founder

I am Oksana! Welcome to my after school math program. I teach a unique way of learning math by combining new Russian and Singaporan methods along with the ancient Japanese Abacus.  This approach is an easy and fun way to learn math and encourages students to think outside of the box when learning. My classes are designed to provide each child with individual support to maximize their potential. Students will be taught on a group basis, but will receive individual attention.

I offer a free trial class for each prospective student so I can find the appropriate starting group.


What is a Soroban?

The Japanese style abacus, the soroban, is an ancient device made up of parallel rods, each containing five beads. Once mastered, it enables a person, in this case, your child, to add, multiply, subtract and divide much faster than with paper and pencil. Children are proven to absorb information quickly while their minds are still developing. Abacus is Fun uses a two hands approach simultaneously to stimulate the left and right brain to process mental calculation. This process trains your child to use the logical and creative mind to manipulate the virtual image of the abacus beads.


Course Benefits

  • Right Brain Development
  • Short term &  long term memory Improvement
  • Develop Analytical Skills
  • Improving the speed and accuracy of calculation
  • Development of amazing abilities to count in the mind
  • Stimulation of creative thinking
  • Development of self-confidence
  • Increased focus & concentration
  • Improved visualization, logical thinking, and problem solving skills
  • Fun Learning
  • Tenacity

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